Rapiscan Systems (Exclusive Distributors)

Since 1993, Rapiscan Systems has installed over 60,000 products in more than 50 countries. They manufacture and market metal detectors to hand and hold baggage screening, to automated explosive detection systems and container inspection systems. Their systems are in use at airports, government and corporate buildings, correctional and prison facilities, postal facilities, military zones, seaports and border crossings. Read more at www.rapiscansystems.com

People Screening

  • Rapiscan Metor 28

  • Rapican Metor 200

Conventional Baggage (Hand and Hold)

  • Rapiscan 620XR

  • Rapiscan 627XR

Advanced Cargo and Vehicle Screening

  • Rapiscan 632XR

  • Rapiscan Eagle Mobile

  • Rapiscan Eagle C02 (Car Scan)

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