Advanced Perimeter Systems (APS) is a world leading designer and manufacturer of perimeter security systems for commercial, industrial and residential use. Based in the United Kingdom, APS has been in this business for over two decades, and have distributors in more than 25 countries.

Perimeter security is extremely important for the safety of workers as well as installations within the premises, and provides protection from situations which might otherwise be extremely menacing. This equipment is necessary as an added security measure for hazardous industries, construction sites, as well as embassies and even prisons. APS is recommended by the International Military Services (IMS) for Airfield security, which makes our equipment exceedingly valuable for use in Military Bases as well as Airport protection.

Our products include the Electro-Fence and the Flexiguard Fence System, which operate as intruder deterrents and detectors. We also provide the Multisys which integrate and control the Electrofence and Flexiguard.

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  • Flexigaurd

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