IAL has been a major player in the aviation sector for many decades. We provide turnkey & integrated solutions for Air Traffic Control Towers, Airport Security & Personnel Screening, Air Cargo Screening, and Secured Communication Systems.


Turnkey Solutions

  • Air Traffic Control Tower Solutions and Navigational Aids.
  • ATC Up-gradations.Aeronautical Message Handling.
  • Aeronautical Information Management.
  • Air Traffic Management Solutions.
  • Flight Information Display Systems.
  • Public Address SystemsAutomatic Terminal Information Systems.
  • Automatic Weather Observation Systems.
  • Runway Visual Range.
  • Wind Shear Alert Systems.
  • Temperature & Humidity Measurement Systems.

Airport Security

  • TSA and EU ECAC Approved Carry On, Luggage and Hold Baggage Screening Systems, Hand-Held and Desktop Explosive Detectors, Occupied Vehicle and Truck/Container Scanning, Walk Through & Hand-Held Metal Detectors.
  • Electric Fencing, Fence mounted Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection.
  • Microwave Based detection.
  • Fiber Optic Acoustic Sensing, Buried Intrusion Detection System.
  • Long Range Infrared Surveillance and Tracking Systems.

Air Cargo Screening

  • TSA And EU approved Advanced Cargo Screening Systems.


  • VHF FM Analog and Digital Communication Systems.
  • ATC Communication Systems.
  • Secured Voice & Video Recording Systems, Voice Communication Control Systems.
  • High Powered & Long Range Communication Telephony Systems.
  • Non-Directional Radio Beacons.


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